Set of wooden bowls

Price: 35.30

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5 pieces: 19.62
10 pieces: 16.06
25 pieces: 14.12
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Description and characteristics of the product

This set consists of five bowls. They are made of different wood species and ground carefully. This set is a real godsend for a good housewife. These bowls can be used for serving salads, snacks or hot dishes. Eco friendly kitchenware is not only beautiful but also harmless for your health. These deep plates are an example of such kitchenware!

Dimensions: length: 12.20 inches (31 cm), width: 12.20 inches (31 cm), height: 6.30 inch (16 cm), weight: 7.94 lb (3600 g)

Wash the woodwork using only organic detergents, wipe it with a dry towel.