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Description and characteristics of the product

This icon of the Mother of God and Child in the right hand is made on the base of fiberboard with the use of acrylic paints, craquelure varnish and gesso. It is a reproduction of the well-known icon of the Belozersky Virgin which is stored in the State Russian Museum of St. Petersburg. It is a wonder-working icon that will direct you to the right path and will alleviate mental anguish.
The icon is made according to the Byzantine style and traditions with preservation of all canons of iconography. To your order I can make the icon with the image of your Saint patron.

Dimensions: length: 6.69 inches (17 cm), width: 0.79 inches (2.2 cm), height: 9.06 inch (23 cm), weight: 1.14 lb (515 g)

Save handicraft from deformation, water, fire and direct sun rays.