Soft toy "Sheep"

Price: 19.87

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5 pieces: 13.25
10 pieces: 9.94
25 pieces: 6.62
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Description and characteristics of the product

This soft handmade toy is crocheted of semi-woolen and fur threads. It is filled with hypoallergenic material called padding polyester. Your child will appreciated this sheep if it likes to play with soft decorative toys. And when the games are over this sheep can be used as an interior pendant for decoration of the children's room.

Dimensions: length: 3.94 inches (10.5 cm), width: 1.57 inches (4.5 cm), height: 3.15 inch (8.5 cm), weight: 0.04 lb (20 g)

Dry cleaning. When product is very dirty you can wash it manually with the use of soft detergents.