Beaded tree "Bonsai"

Price: 38.86

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5 pieces: 24.28
10 pieces: 19.43
25 pieces: 17.27
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Description and characteristics of the product

Beaded bonsai is an original gift for housewarming. It will please a person who likes East style in the interior. A real bonsai tree requires meticulous and skilled care but this one will bring you joy during the whole year and will not require any efforts. A trunk is made of plaster, branches are made of beads and soil is made of natural stones.
At your request I can replace a ceramic flower pot of this item to a plastic one.

Dimensions: length: 7.09 inches (18 cm), width: 4.72 inches (12.5 cm), height: 8.27 inch (21 cm), weight: 2.25 lb (1020 g)

Do not drop the product and keep it clean.