Beaded Calla

Price: 32.20

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5 pieces: 17.88
10 pieces: 14.63
25 pieces: 12.88
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Description and characteristics of the product

Beautiful beaded work makes the house more colorful, give it extra hype! This is a calla on woven cord yarn of the Czech beads. The base is wire. If you put a flower in a vase it will please you every day, and most importantly it looks like a real flower!

Dimensions: length: 14.57 inches (37 cm), width: 1.97 inches (5.5 cm), height: 14.57 inch (37 cm), weight: 0.15 lb (70 g)

Recommendations for care: it is easy to take care of the product. It is necessary just to keep it clean and not to drop.