Ceramic bell "Goat"

Price: 16.49

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5 pieces: 10.99
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25 pieces: 5.49
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Description and characteristics of the product

Clay bell is made using clay engraving technique technique (painted with colored enamels). The product is burned in a furnace at the high temperature. Hall is the room that your guests see first when they come into the house. Therefore, decorate your hall with this beautiful painted handmade ceramic bell. Just hang it on the wall or place it on a shelf.

Dimensions: length: 3.54 inches (9.7 cm), width: 2.76 inches (7.5 cm), height: 4.72 inch (12.1 cm), weight: 0.43 lb (195 g)

Do not use abrasive materials for cleaning a product. Just wipe it with soft fabric or remove dust with a brush. Do not drop a product.