Cyberpunk earrings with microchips

Price: 50.98

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5 pieces: 33.98
10 pieces: 29.14
25 pieces: 25.49
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Description and characteristics of the product

These earrings with the microchips covered with jewelry glaze are the accessories in cyberpunk style. This jewelry provides the high growth of information technologies and cardinal change of the social structure. If you love this genre in literature and cinema, these earrings with microchips will surely please you.
To your individual order I can make such product in the required size and color.

Dimensions: length: 0.39 inches (1.5 cm), width: 0.01 inches (0.5 cm), height: 1.97 inch (5 cm), weight: 0.02 lb (10 g)

Keep the product in a separate box far from direct sunlight. Remove dust with a soft brush or fabric. Avoid contact of the accessory with perfume or eau de toilette.