Wooden backgammon set

Price: 210.04

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5 pieces: 182.64
10 pieces: 127.30
25 pieces: 110.55
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Description and characteristics of the product

Set of backgammon is made of wood. Wood can be different - birch, ash, oak, maple and others. Gold pattern on the dark wood looks impressive. Such a set of backgammon can decorate your home. You will be pleased to meet with friends and play this intellectual game.

Dimensions: length: 20.08 inches (51 cm), width: 10.63 inches (27 cm), height: 2.36 inch (6 cm), weight: 4.63 lb (2100 g)

Recommendations for care: use soft brush to remove dust. Clean varnished surface with a piece of soft fabric and some wax-based furniture polish. It will renew the initial glitter of the product.