Pink woven bracelet

Price: 19.87

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5 pieces: 13.25
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25 pieces: 6.62
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Description and characteristics of the product

This handmade friendship bracelet is woven of cotton threads. The accessory is decorated with an image of owl. The pattern is made on the item with the use of photo print and coated with epoxy resin. The bracelet is equipped with metal fittings. This pink accessory will please the girls who like to be tender and cute.
To your order the item can be made in another color or with another picture or photo.

Dimensions: length: 6.69 inches (17.5 cm), width: 0.01 inches (0.5 cm), height: 0.39 inch (1.8 cm), weight: 0.01 lb (5 g)

Do not wash the item. Remove dust and dirt with the use of dry cleaning.