Fridge Magnet "Lamb"

Price: 15.75

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5 pieces: 10.50
10 pieces: 7.88
25 pieces: 5.25
  (min: 2 pieces)
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Description and characteristics of the product

Fridge magnet is made of fabric and filled with holofiber. It is decorated with acrylic threads, yarn, beads and ribbons. This magnet will diversify the decor of your kitchen. It will make it brighter and more unusual. Small details affect the overall atmosphere and the lamb will help you to make it more positive.

Dimensions: length: 2.76 inches (7.5 cm), width: 1.57 inches (4 cm), height: 3.15 inch (8 cm), weight: 0.04 lb (20 g)

Dry cleaning. When product is very dirty you can wash it manually with the use of soft detergents.