Fridge magnet with decoupage

Price: 11.80

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5 pieces: 7.87
10 pieces: 5.90
25 pieces: 3.93
  (min: 2 pieces)
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Description and characteristics of the product

Fridge magnet on a wooden base is decorated with eggshells and lace. It is covered with acrylic lacquer. Decoupage magnet shows lavender. Therefore, the product looks very delicate and beautiful. Hang the magnet on the fridge, if your kitchen is decorated in bright colors.

Dimensions: length: 0.01 inches (0.5 cm), width: 2.76 inches (7 cm), height: 1.97 inch (5 cm), weight: 0.03 lb (15 g)

Save handicraft from deformation, water, fire and direct sun rays.