Friendship bracelet "Geometry"

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Description and characteristics of the product

This wrist bracelet is made of special threads using macrame technique. Size of the accessory is adjustable. Woven bracelets are also called friendship bracelets. They became popular in 60-th among hippie. These accessories were the way of self-expression. Nowadays bracelets woven of threads are popular mainly among the young people as well. Choose this handmade bracelet if you want to make a surprise for your daughter and you will not make a mistake.

Dimensions: length: 2.36 inches (6 cm), width: 2.36 inches (6 cm), height: 0.39 inch (1.5 cm), weight: 0.02 lb (10 g)

Dry cleaning. When product is very dirty you can wash it manually with the use of soft detergents.