Crochet toy Duck

Price: 19.15

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5 pieces: 12.77
10 pieces: 9.58
25 pieces: 6.38
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Description and characteristics of the product

This handmade soft toy is crocheted of acrylic threads. It is filled with holofiber and its eyes are made of plastic. This cute toy will be a nice present for both a boy and a girl. The child will be able to play with it or to use it for decoration of the room.

Dimensions: length: 3.54 inches (9 cm), width: 1.97 inches (5.5 cm), height: 2.76 inch (7.5 cm), weight: 0.04 lb (20 g)

Dry cleaning. When product is very dirty you can wash it manually with the use of soft detergents.