Unusual ceramic cezve

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Description and characteristics of the product

This cezve will win the heart of the true lover of this invigorating drink. It has a very unusual design, and, moreover, helps to make fantastically tasty coffee. The product is created of red clay. The cezve is covered with milk before the kilning, that's why it has such a beautiful color of milk chocolate.
If you have requests concerning design of the product, I will fulfill your individual order with pleasure. I can also make the cezve according to your sketch.

Dimensions: length: 6.30 inches (16.5 cm), width: 4.33 inches (11.5 cm), height: 3.54 inch (9.5 cm), weight: 0.64 lb (290 g)

Fill the cezve with coffee and then fill it with hot water (not boiled water), put on small fire, bring to a boil. Do not subject the product to sudden temperature changes. Wash the cezve with warm water using a soft sponge, do not rub the product. Use organic detergents. Do not drop the product. Note that after reusable use the ceramic cezve can change its shade. Do not worry, it cannot affect the quality of the product in any way. Coffee made in the cezve will be same tasty.