Long wooden earrings

Price: 14.11

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5 pieces: 9.41
10 pieces: 7.06
25 pieces: 4.70
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Description and characteristics of the product

These earrings are made from natural material - wood. Beads made from another type of wood are used as decorative elements. Long and beautiful earrings can become an excellent beginning of new life.

Pay attention that earrings can be made from walnut wood, beech wood, cherry wood and other species.

Dimensions: length: 2.76 inches (7.5 cm), width: 0.79 inches (2 cm), height: 0.01 inch (0 cm), weight: 0.01 lb (5 g)

Recommendations for care: use a soft brush or a piece of fabric to remove dust. Keep the product away from moisture and direct sunlight.