Cuff earrings "Surprise"

Price: 24.85

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5 pieces: 16.56
10 pieces: 12.43
25 pieces: 8.28
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Description and characteristics of the product

These metal earrings are made in the shape of pie pieces on a saucer. Ear wires of the jewelry are made of surgical steel, that's why you can safely wear it throughout the whole day. One of the earrings is made in the form of a charm, and another one is made in the form of a cuff earring. It is fixed on the top part of your ear with the help of a clip and frames the ear beautifully with a metal chain.

Dimensions: length: 2.36 inches (6 cm), width: 1.18 inches (3 cm), height: 0.01 inch (0.3 cm), weight: 0.01 lb (5 g)

Keep the product in a dry place. Wipe it with a suede or flannel cloth.