Beaded necklace

Price: 32.20

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5 pieces: 16.10
10 pieces: 13.15
25 pieces: 11.71
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Description and characteristics of the product

This necklace made of Czech beads and artificial pearls is woven on a special thread. This jewelry will help you to create a festive look and to accentuate your individuality. The necklace can be clasped with the help of the elegant metal fastener.
To your order I can create such accessory in another color. You can purchase this necklace in a set with other ethnic jewelry items.

Dimensions: length: 18.50 inches (47 cm), width: 0.79 inches (2.2 cm), height: 0.79 inch (2.2 cm), weight: 0.10 lb (45 g)

Keep the product in a separate box far from direct sunlight. Remove dust with a soft brush or fabric. Avoid contact of the accessory with perfume or eau de toilette.