Decorative wall plate

Price: 21.77

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5 pieces: 10.88
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25 pieces: 7.92
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Description and characteristics of the product

Wall decorative plate is made of white and brown clay. Image of fish floating in its underwater kingdom is applied with natural mineral paints. This is a kind of Hutsul masters painting (Western Ukrainian peoples). They choose the traditional colors that symbolize the unity of man and nature.
Hang it on the kitchen wall, on a living room or hall and your interior will become brighter and more cozy!.

Dimensions: length: 8.66 inches (22.5 cm), width: 8.66 inches (22.5 cm), height: 1.18 inch (3.5 cm), weight: 1.21 lb (550 g)

Wash it manually using organic detergents. Dry it with a towel or just leave the product for self-drying.